About Us

About Franklin Wellness Center

A group of committed community leaders formed R.A.C.E., Residents Active in Community Exercise in 2004.  The goal of R.A.C.E. was to create a facility that will bring the entire community together, a place where youth can gather after school, where adults of all ages can exercise and socialize, and where the entire family can reap the benefits of physical activity.

Franklin County R.A.C.E., Inc. doing business as the Franklin Wellness Center (FWC) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation with an annual budget of over $200,000. 

The purpose of FWC is to provide people of all ages a future that includes a healthy lifestyle, family fun, and a positive outlook that comes with a successful community effort.

This indoor facility, which opened in 2005, includes a fitness/strength area, walking track, gymnasium, multipurpose room, locker rooms, a four-lane lap pool, and a therapy pool. FWC is the only indoor pool in Franklin County. 

Policies, including membership options and pricing, is determined by a board of directors comprised of FWC members. Annual and six-month memberships are available.  A daily rate and punch cards are available for non-members and visitors to the county. Walking, swimming, and rehabilitation passes are also available.

Equipment includes four treadmills, five ellipticals, two Nu-steps, three stationary bikes, two recumbent bikes, 15 Quantum strength machine stations, hand barbells from 1 to 95 pounds, barbells from 20 to 100 pounds, and assorted weight plates and benches. 

Franklin Wellness Center (a 501c3 corporation) has an annual budget of over $200,000. Prices and hours are set by a board of directors.

 When a daily rate is paid to enter and use the facility near closing time, desk workers are instructed to let those coming to use the facility know when closing time is so that there are no surprises.

Board of Directors

Brandon Grefe

Jon Ault

Jennifer Gruelke

Renee Loughren

Sarah Hansen

Eric Wagner

Karl Bollhagen

Chace Klein

Luke Ross - Manager

Indoor Pools

Franklin Wellness Center’s lap pool and therapy pool are registered with the Iowa Department of Public Health Pool and Spa Division and inspected annually by Franklin County Department of Environmental Health Inspections Division.

Certified Pool Operator is Jim Davies (certification expires January 27, 2026). 
Certificate issued by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance.

Lap Pool
Dimensions: 75’ x 25’ (four lanes)
Water Depth: 4’6” to 6’6”
Volume:  72,000 gallons
Turnover rate (circulation): 249 minutes
Temperature: 83-85 degrees

Therapy Pool
Dimensions: 22’x14’
Water Depth: 4’ and 6’6”
Volume:  9,100 gallons
Turnover rate (circulation): 85 minutes
Temperature: 97-99 degrees

pH: Recommended range 7.4-7.6, Acceptable range 7.2-7.8
Chlorine levels:  Minimum 1.0 pm, Maximum 8.0 pm

Access to the pools is through the men’s and women’s locker rooms.  Lockers are available to use or rent on an ongoing basis. Men’s locker room/Women’s locker room are each 35”x22”. The family changing room is 11’x11’.

Call in advance to reserve time to swim. Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed a spot.